Hindsight is 20/20


Let's talk family vacations. They're chock-full of fun family memories, and it's convenient to be a photographer and a Mom in situations like these, but also slightly inconvenient. For the most part, my sweet family of four seems to consist of a single father with two kids. I love documenting my family, and I remember the moments as they are captured, but I'm not usually in any of the photos.

The best family adventure is one where Mom isn't pulling out her phone every 10 seconds to take a picture she won't be in.

My Mom turned 60 this year, and to celebrate, she wanted to take the whole family to Florida for a fun vacation. We planned for a week of all-inclusive amusement at the Universal and Disney parks. So my family of four, my brother's family of five, and my parents set out and met up at the airport in Florida in early June.  Knowing just how excited and crazy my kids can get, I repeatedly told my husband to take photos when I couldn't. 

I brought my DSLR with full intent on taking all of the photos and documenting every minute with it. The first night we went to Universal for dinner and I quickly realized that lugging my camera around wasn't going to fly, especially if I wanted to really enjoy myself and be present. I packed it up, and grabbed my phone, and we set out for a week of adventure.

As I look back at the photos from the vacation, I'm immediately brought back to it. I can remember the humidity in the air, the excited faces of the kids (and adults, wink wink) when we went into the Wizarding World for the first time, and the smile on my Mom's face when she got to spend time with all of her grandkids at the Happiest Place on Earth. 

I LOVE this picture. My poor daughter - hehe.
It's me with my kids! Husband listened and took one of my favorites :)

I love to document experiences, and using the skills I have and even the most simple tools, I was able to capture this vacation the way I wanted to. I am admitting to my own hindsight bias here: thinking I could "capture it all." Honestly, I wish I would have hired a professional to take the pressure off. I still had a great time, and the vacation is a wonderful memory for everyone involved (my kids have already began planning to go back in 5 years), but the best family adventure is one where Mom isn't pulling out her phone every 10 seconds to take a picture she won't be in. 

Best part of this vacation: sharing my nerdery with my spawn. I loved it as much as they did. 

Moms, I'm talking to you: your husband/partner/significant other can only take so many pictures before they start to forget to keep doing it. We don't have to be the main memory-keepers. Take the pressure off of everyone and just hire a photographer. Taking photos of families gives me life and I enjoy it SO much. I'll come over and document a family game night or spend a day with you on your vacation. No memory or moment is less significant than others. Send me a message and we'll come up with a fun session to document. You won't regret finally being in the picture; no selfie stick needed.