Here's my "why".

There are many reasons I take a photojournalistic or documentary approach to family photographs. My husband had gifted me an early Christmas present of a DSLR camera the year our son was born. I had it for a month before the little peanut made his squishy debut. I practiced and probably annoyed my husband with the constant photo-taking. I experiemented with everything I could. We did a simple maternity shoot in the backyard, we did a before-and-after baby shoot, and not to mention all of the shots of the cats (they really do make good models).

Once my son arrived I couldn't stop. He was just so little and precious, I probably took at least one photo everyday for the first few weeks. I did a monthly shoot with him and the same stuffies, him with the same mug, him on the same spot on the couch; it was photographic madness. Even with all of that clicking, my favorite photo of the whole "itty-bitty" stage was secretly taken by my husband. My sweet little boy and I sleeping on the couch together enjoying an exhausted nap during that early I-can't-remember-my-name-let-alone-what-time-I-fed-the-baby-last stage. I can look back and almost feel the bliss of my first-born in my arms, and the sweet release of closing my eyes for "just a second." 

When he was four months old my Mom wanted a professional photo shoot of him and his cousins; the "grandbabies." She scheduled a sitting at the local mall photo studio and we had my four month old, a 1 year old, and a 3 year old all to be sitting and posing with adorable ease. We had them dressed in matching slacks and vests with button-down shirts; the classiest toddlers I have ever witnessed. They looked like tiny little men and the photos turned out as cute as you can imagine. I remember that day as the day I never knew I could sweat so much trying to wrangle a baby out of one outfit and into another. It was a bit of a disorganized mess on our side and I decided that day a studio-style photo session just wasn't my jam. 

My son is now 6 years old and our family has never had professional photos taken (unless you count the annual Santa photo); which I have no regrets about at all. It's a little different with me being able to take them myself, but I don't thrive on the need for a posed photo. I may have us sit down for a quick family photo once per year, but I really appreciate the day-to-day photos instead. It's definitely a unique way to capture a family, it really encapsulates their attitudes and personalities. Genuine giggles caught in a photo are so much more memorable than the forced "cheese" smile.

Head over to my contact page and send me a little note. I would love to answer any questions you might have about this photography style; and would love even more to capture the genuine people that you are, no matching outfits required.