Four years ago today I was feeling very trepidatious about what was to come. My daughter was T-24 hours away from being born into this world and I was anxious and nervous as all get out. My son was two-and-a-half at the time and also my world. It's funny how your mind works as a mother. You plan as much as humanly possible for these little people to come into your life, but you honestly have no idea what you're getting yourself into. You want to do it all right, but don't know what you're doing half the time. 

 The day she was born; 4-14-14; it snowed 6 inches overnight and we skidded and slipped our way into the hospital while it was still dark in the early morning hours. My heart grew and made room for another. The joys of post-birth hormones put me in an emotional puddle every night around dinner time for a good solid week after her arrival. Had we made the right decision? Will my boy still want to be by my side constantly? Of course we had, she completed and fit into our family perfectly. My son leaned more on my husband through his sister's bobby-head infant stage; when she and Mommy were still "fragile." But he came back, and he still does. 

 His sister; my daughter; our Ginny is a vivacious, funny, intelligent, strong-willed little woman that won't take no for an answer without a fight. She also cares deeply, loves hard, is passionate about animals, and is the best snuggler I know. She dances at the drop of a hat, and our lives would be so much less colorful without her. 


My heart swells and threatens to burst when she watches out the window for her brother to come home from school. She says I am her best friend (probably because we always hang out together), but I'm positive I play a close second to her brother. 

Celebrating her birthday is also a celebration of her place in our family. To think I ever doubted our decision is just laughable now. She has constantly brought out the best in all of us. Happy (early) Birthday little girl, may your 4th year be the best yet. 


Send me a little note if you're interested in capturing the everyday awesome of you and your children. It was a walk down memory lane searching for the photos for this post, and I had all the Mommy feelings thinking about the moments behind them. Really, I would love to hear from you.