About me

Hey, I'm Dawn. I'm a "no-frills" kind of lady. I honestly believe in the beauty of the simple everyday life. If you come over to my house any given day of the week, there is a high probability of toys strewn all over the floor, a clean basket of laundry in dire need of a good fluff and fold, and my daughter will most likely be running around in her underwear. 

I have always considered myself to be very "artsy," but photography is my most favorite medium. I am also a wife to a wonderful husband, Chris, of 9 years, I have two crazy kids (Eli: 6, and Ginny: 3), we have 3 cats and a cute little tortoise. I love words, grammar, and also sarcasm; coffee is my life-source; I love the way fall smells; I enjoy reading maps, and I run half marathons for fun (yes, fun). 

 Both of my children have brought out a passion in me to tell our lives the way we live them. We tried MANY times to do the "Pinterest Perfect" family photo, and with two kids under five, it was a headache. My favorite family photo is one where my daughter is picking her nose and making her brother laugh. Genuinely sweet, silly smiles. I sent that one out on the holiday card that year. That is what it is all about; living your truth and embracing your life.

 I want to extend my passion out to you; let me tell your story the way it ought to be told. Real. Chaotic. Beautiful.