A Frame of Mind

Happy New Year! We all know what that means: Resolutions! I've never really set a resolution before, but as a promise to myself I have decided to commit to printing photos and displaying them around the house. A promise to celebrate the beauty in our normal everyday life; kind of a "practice what I preach" approach to photos. Although I have heard that mechanics rarely work on their own cars, and IT specialists tend not to work on their loved-one's computers (ahem); but I digress. 

I was taking my children's baby photos out of their frames and off the wall (mind you, they are 3 and 6 now) and feeling a twinge of sadness staring at their squishy little cheeks and tiny feet. Those pictures really brought me back to those baby days when the sleep was rare and the snuggles were sweet. I had to take a minute to honestly look at them and jog those memories. How easy it is to forget just how little they were when I'm having complete conversations and arguments with them now. I grabbed the newly printed and put them side-by-side with the days gone by. Took a sigh of relief: there they are! Look at those faces; those personalities! That girl of mine has an unfiltered flair for the dramatic. My boy is all art and wonder and questions.

There will always be moments when I miss the baby stage, but that's what the photos are for, they bring me back to that frame of mind. I wouldn't trade it for where we are now, either. All of the silliness, laughter, the lack of diaper washing, and the actual people they are turning out to be. 

It's nice to have the hard evidence in your hand, the photograph, to stare at for one extra second, and remember where it all began. 

Wheter it be prints or a beautiful album, I implore you to print out the photos you own, or the photos you receive after we have a session together. A documentary photograph looks beautiful on the wall and you will most definitely linger every time you walk by.

Head over to my contact page and send me a note, I would be happy to chat about what memories you would like to keep.