52 project

Last year I embarked on a 52 week photo project (hosted by The Photographer's Element) to enhance my skills and hone my craft as a photographer. I learned many things over the course of a year: I am not a strong abstract thinker. It takes a lot to get me out of my comfort zone, if at all. I love taking photos of kids, people, cats; they are a far more interesting muse to me than any one thing. This week-by-week project gave me an excuse to skip over prompts big time. I found myself playing catch-up more than just picking up the camera for a quick shot. I didn't hate the project, but I honestly didn't give it the amount of attention it deserved. 

I may revisit this again in the future; as for now, here is 2017 in (almost) 52 weeks: 




 These are in chonological order, but if you're wondering what the prompts were for each photograph, check out my personal Instagram page for more information. https://www.instagram.com/dawnweed/