365 Project (June)

June in Wisconsin is warm. We didn't have air-conditioning in the house. It broke on the last hot day of September last year, and we didn't bother to get it fixed over the winter. I say it every winter, "We won't need the air on at all this summer. I can't wait for it to get hot, and I won't complain, ever." Some nights we slept in the basement since it was at least 20 degrees cooler down there. Reminds me of growing up in our little two-story without central-air and I would attempt to sleep on the floor in the hallway to cool off. There may have been some complaining. 

We took our little 13' Scamp camper for it's first voyage to central Wisconsin to camp with my Husband's family. We drove during a thunderstorm the first night. It leaked a little bit, and was basically a hard-sided tent that we could sleep in, but it was an adventure nonetheless. We caught some fish and did some good ol' fashioned relaxing. 

We took a theme-park vacation with my family in Florida. 6 adults and 5 kids (at least we had them outnumbered) for some chaotic, wild, and sweaty family fun (I have a whole post for this vacay ruminating around in my brain so stay tuned). When we returned, the Wisconsin humidity didn't seem so terrible. 

Survival-mode begins toward the end of June. Kids get a little nutty spending all of their time together. I may have missed a few days of the project, but I steadily plodded along.