365 Project (July)

July was probably my least sucessful month; photographically speaking. The featured image explains why. We had a deadline of July 25th to make the Scamp road-worthy and that took ALL of our extra free-time. Many late nights, hot afternoons in the sun, and allowing the kids to have tons of unsupervised time together. 

We ventured out to Utah for our first-ever family road trip. I have decided to undertake a personal goal of a half marathon in every state and I picked the most dinosaur-dense state I could think of. I ran my race, the kids learned SO much about dinos, the hubby and I got to work together on a project, and we were all able to adventure together and make some amazing memories. 

Being our family's designated photographer, I was pretty burnt out on photo-taking after the trip. It's nice to have my phone with me when I don't feel like bringing the "big" camera with. So there are less photos this month, but I would wager to say some more memorable ones instead.